To have a philosophy that integrate diverse elements into one mesh drives Quahance to provide services that range from software development, consulting and training. The underlying philosophy being the minimalist vision that by increasing productivity the human race can lead a happy life. To this end, we drive by committing ourselves to ever adapting, ever innovating and ever changing.

With over 25 years of experience in diverse fields ranging from software implementation, knowledge management and ultimately into training, Quahance has a workforce that has matured over time. Quahance will deliver with its time tested exposure and success, to your needs. Our main focus is empowerment of work force to help them excel and achieve the organizations’ goals par excellence.


Bring together diverse solutions to help organizations increase the skill, efficiency and productivity of the workforce through, education, innovation and consulting.


To be recognized as an enterprise committed to improving the productivity and efficiency.


  • Keep it Simple.
  • Keep it Crisp.
  • Keep it Green.
  • Keep it Fair